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Is Homework A Waste Of Time

Over the years, the subject of homework has been debated repeatedly by students, scholars, teachers, school owners, and many other researchers. For students, homework is a bad movie that needs to end. Some claim they need to do my homework now not on their own volition, but out of fear for their grades. Homework competes with students, parents, and teachers for their time and useful energy. 


Students often explain the school season cycle as go to school, return home to complete homework and sleep late, wake up very early to resume school, and not be able to concentrate in class because they are dizzy, and the cycle goes on and on, till they vacate again. 


Children often perform better in relating to people during vacation than during school season. This is because school is stressful, and there is enough time to rest during vacations. There is a positive correlation between homework and increasing stress levels, depression, sleep deprivation, and exhaustion. 


Research has shown that homework does not always yield a negative result. They discovered that personalizing an assignment to each student helps them produce a positive result; students complete their homework and learn actively. 


Therefore, homework is not a waste of time if it is significant and reflected on students' performance. Teachers generally make wrong assumptions about their students. This is because students differ in ability, comprehension, reasoning, etc.. Hence, putting them on the same scale is not fair and will not yield a valid result. 


Every student must be given an equal opportunity to prove their abilities. The same way a monkey's ability cannot be judged by throwing it in a river, but on a tree, students also need their own niche to prove their worth. 


Enough rest should complement a busy day at school at home. Children should be encouraged to play more and explore their creativity not bombarded with homework that will keep them awake until dawn. Homework between 10-20minutes is enough to reinforce what students have been taught. Beyond that time frame, it is extra stress for children. When a child can understand their own strength, there is little left for the teacher and parents to do. They can easily fit into any career based on their creative ability. But homework may not truly measure the strength of a child. Homework needs to be redefined for it not to be a waste. This can be done by the creation of useful homework, designed specifically for each student. Although this would take a lot of time for the teacher, it is a sure way of making homework effective for the students. Teachers should also give classwork after each subject is taught; to see where the student has not comprehended instantly. From there, the teacher can help the student to emphasize on their weak points. In addition, teachers should adopt exciting and relatable examples in teaching the students. Students tend to remember the topics that are demonstrated in the classroom. 

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