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Is Homework “Killing” Your Child?

The debate on homework is becoming even more contentious than it ever was before. Parents from all over the world are coming forward to complain about the excessive amounts of homework assignments that their children have to deal with today.


Many have confessed to credible newsrooms complaining of how the educational sector has become adamant in assigning so much work to children irrespective of their age and class. Further claims indicate that some countries particularly have the longest curricula in their learning institutions. Since the time allocated isn’t enough to cover the entire syllabus, teachers opt to assign students with excessive homework.


To make it worse, these homework activities are often gradable leaving children with no viable option other than to stay up all night trying to complete their homework.


Parents have further lamented that it hurts them to see their children burning the midnight oil working tirelessly every night of their academic calendar just to end up burning out. Well, burnout happens whenever you consistently do the same things repeatedly. It ends up becoming less interesting and you turn out to continue working on it just for the sake of finishing it.


It is unfortunate to hear a parent complain of how his grade eight daughters tirelessly work on her assignments right from the time she gets back from school up until midnight every night. Could this be some sort of punishment? Is this even helpful? 


Luckily, some educational boards have heeded such outcries by acting swiftly to remedy the situation. Some have directed the abolishment of homework for a specific cohort while others have worked towards the formulation of appropriate homework policies and frameworks that will generally guide educators and learning institutions toward this subject. 


While all these are great solutions for keeping homework quantity and quality in check, parents elsewhere are still pushing for more advocacy.

With no proper guidelines, different educational centers adopt various homework policies that they think would be best for their school’s reputation. Could too much homework be mistaken as an indicator of good grades?


No matter how valid this could be, too much homework is far more dangerous than beneficial to students’ lives.


It’s disheartening to read parents’ testimonials of their children falling asleep while working on their homework. How do you think it feels to find your child up past midnight trying to complete an assignment that might be due in a few hours?


Truth be said, even though parents are now opting to sign their children up for private tuitions, this isn’t remedying the current homework issues. Instead, it could just be worsening the situation even further.


However, some have already identified a quick solution, which is, changing schools. Well, you will need to do your due diligence by doing a background check on how much homework is allowable in their policy first. If it is something that you can contend with, then proceed.


Overall, too much homework can be quite horrifying and demoralizing for both parents and their kids. Always raise your concerns with your kid’s school once you notice that your child is being overworked with homework.


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