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What The Raging Homework Debate Is All About

Anyone with even a passing interest in educational matters, you must have heard about the raging homework debate. As a student, you must have myriad questions about the importance of after class assignments or the negative impacts associated with such tasks. As the debate continues, it is important to ensure the most important people in all this who are the students understand everything. Does homework help? It is the question every student needs an answer to and it will settle the debate once and for all.

Reasons for Opposition to Homework

True there is a negative impact of poorly administered assignments including increased stress levels, emotional meltdown, truancy, poor performance, poor attitude towards particular subjects among other issues. In most cases, these problems arise due to too much homework. In other cases, teachers fail to consider the student’s capacity and this leads to poor reception of the work given.

In all these situations, it is clear that problems don’t arise due to work given but the poor approach. In other cases, students procrastinate leading to homework overload which inadvertently leads to stress.

Why Homework is Crucial in Learning

If you are a student, it is important to appreciate the role of after-class assignments. Take a look:

  • It helps develop a culture of responsibility in a learner: They start appreciating that learning is about them and by working they determine the outcome of their future.
  • It helps learners appreciate the importance of independent thinking: Through after-class homeworks, learners start solving problems on their own. It is a skill they will require all through their school life and the future.
  • Assessing progress: As a student, your teacher can only help if they understand your capacity. To do this, they need to assess your understanding through administering assignments. From the grade you receive when you do homework, your teacher can then provide one-on-one attention to help you in areas they discover some weaknesses.
  • Critical thinking: Assignments help learners develop critical thinking skills. It is important to inculcate these skills early enough for students to understand concepts easily.
  • Opportunity for parents to get involved: Through after-school tasks, parents can now work closely with their children. It is a great way to get parents involved in their children’s education. There are studies online showing better outcomes of learning when parents get involved.
  • Encouraging proper time management: Students hardly have enough time to complete all tasks given and they have to plan and schedule their work. These skills come in handy in their lives hence the need for everyone to embrace assignments.

Is it possible to resolve problems associated with homework? Of course, it is possible but it requires the input of teachers, students, and parents. Students can use a homework helper if things get tough, while parents must participate in these assignments. Teachers must assess the capability of learners and give work that their learners can comfortably handle. It is also important to constantly get and review feedback from learners.

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