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Should schools stop assigning homework?

Homework is a topic that generates debate amongst students, parents, and educators in equal measure. For a long time, stallholders have accepted homework as part of academic life. The majority of students like college, secondary, and primary expect to do homework in their studies.

The advantages and disadvantages of homework

The advantages and disadvantages of homework are apparent. Homework enables students to extend learning by building on top of what they studied in the classroom while at home. Homework is beneficial in developing student’s research skills and independent learning skills. Likewise, homework is a form of preparation for later life in that it promotes time management and self-discipline. It also helps young people learn essential life lessons; thus, they need to go beyond and above to reach their potential.

On the contrary, many especially parents express fear of the number of homework assignments that teachers allocate children. Homework assignments can exert pressure on students and deprive them of quality leisure and family time. Though parents dwant good things for their children in their academic life, the majority feel that children should be given the chance to enjoy being children. A lot of homework can be a source of problems for children and can lead to children developing negative attitudes towards learning. Besides, not all teachers favor assigning homework assignments to students.

United Kingdom high school drops homework

The hottest question that no one seems to ask is the impact of homework on the child’s learning and improvement they make. However, schools continue to allocate homework similarly. They have done it for ages, since it is a routine to follow, without interrogating if it is the right way of doing it. A secondary school in the United Kingdom hit the headlines when it took a controversial and unusual step of dropping homework assignments. The school decision leads to shock, uproar, and outrage. Philip Morant College and the school of Colchester from England took an unprecedented step. Catherine Hutley, who is the principal, noted that the school decided so that teaching staff could concentrate on all time and energy on planning lessons. However, the majority of parents from the school supported the idea, the criticism and negative publicity the principal and school received was more excellent.

How to make homework effective

We all agree that for students to excel and achieve full potential in school, they must devote hours of study in the classroom and at home. However, arguments against homework are worth examining. Many students are currently battling mental health challenges, but it is untrue to attribute all on homework assignments. However, studies have shown relationships between stress and homework assignments. Teachers have a responsibility to ensure that homework is effective. Similarly, schools should focus on ensuring that the homework that teachers set has value and is effective in advancing children learning.

There are different factors that homework must satisfy for it to be effective, but it majorly depends on the subject learned. Generally, a homework assignment is effective if it encourages independent learning. However, there a fallacy that any homework assignment is an independent study. It may be work that the student finishes independently, and that does not cultivate independent learning skills. Homework assignments should inspire students to innovatively think research and use high-order skills like analysis and evaluation. Classroom activities and particularly homework should challenge and stretch students.

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