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Students often find themselves late at night or even the next day, having not completed their homework. Regardless of the fact, they have spent countless hours working on homework. Parkinson’s Law states that “work grows bigger to fill the time needed to complete it.” In simple terms, if you give yourself a task of memorizing geometry formulas for a test the next day, you always find that the entire evening is full despite having a job that would supposed to be 30 minutes.

Students have a lot of homework lately, and they have other things to do to add to this. Having a routine that will help me with my homework and attend to other items can be handy.

Some steps that give you an advantage when you are doing your homework according to Parkinson’s Law include:

  1. Create a list

Ensure that you have a list that entails everything that needs to do each evening. Do not leave out anything, ensure that your list exhaust all the activities that you need to attend to.

  1. Estimate the time it will take for you to complete each activity.

Don’t be gracious with the time. Give the amount of time that you think it will take to do a task. And for every task, try and reduce the time given with 5-10 minutes. The times you choose must be realistic. If the times are not practical, you will find yourself either having too much time to work on a few things, or rushing through some work and not necessarily being efficient.

  1. Ensure that you have everything you need

Ensure that you have all the gear and equipment that you need for your homework. Whatever you are working on, if it has some requirements, make sure you’re that you have them. Be it a laptop, pen, rulers, geometric set. If you lack the right gear for your homework or do not collect them initially, You will waste time each time you take some time off of your homework to go and gather the supplies. Another downside is that stopping every time can kill the concentration that you have while doing the homework.

  1. Unplug from your devices.

Having our devices with us can be a constant distraction. Pings and notifications every few seconds can make it nearly possible to concentrate and focus on the task. When attending to your homework, turn off your phones or tablets. You can keep them in another room to ensure that you have a break from technology when doing your homework.

  1. Time yourself

To help you plan better with how fast and efficient, you can work, set a clock and time how much time you spend working on something. When you start planning and estimating the time for your next time you’re studying. You will have an idea of what time to work with.

  1. Stay on task

When you are required to search for some information online, it can be straightforward to be swayed and start surfing the web for unrelated things to what you are studying. An excellent way to avoid this is by noting down anything that needs to be researched and then does it at the end of your study.


It is not easy to work on your homework faster, but it is also not impossible. The listed tips can help. Also, consider taking breaks when studying, and once you complete your study, you can reward yourself. It will motivate you to wok better and faster next time.

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